ICBST'2022 - Plenary Speakers

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Prof. Rachid Yazami

Founding Executive Director, KVI PTE LTD, Singapore

Prof. Rachid Yazami is best known for his crucial contribution in the development of the graphite anode (negative electrode) for lithium-ion batteries and his research on fluoride ion batteries. He has published over 250 research papers and he is listed as inventor of about 160 patents related to lithium primary and rechargeable batteries and on new battery chemistry based on fluoride ion. In recognition of his invention of the graphite anode in lithium-ion batteries, Prof. Yazami received several scientific awards, few of them are, the Draper Prize in 2014 considered as the Nobel Prize in Engineering. In 2014 Yazami was decorated by HM the King of Morocco. He is the recipient of the French Legion of Honor in 2016 and of the “2018’ Takreem Award” in Science and Technology Innovation, considered the Arab Scientist of the Year Award. Recently Prof. Rachid was the recipient of the 2019’ Arab Investor Award during a Forum held in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris together with the Mohamed Bin Rached Medal of Scientific Distinguishment of Life Achievement given by the Ruler of Dubai in 2020.

Prof. Yury Gogotsi

Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA

Prof. Yury Gogotsi, inventor of Mxenes, is a distinguished scientist in the material science world. Prof. Gogotsi’s research is focused on the fundamental and applied aspects of synthesis, characterization, and application of carbon nanomaterials (graphene, nanotubes, nanodiamond and nanoporous carbons) and 2D transition metal carbides and nitrides (MXenes). He also contributed to development of effective water desalination and capacitive deionization techniques, electrical energy storage — batteries and supercapacitors, as well as applications of carbon nanomaterials for energy and biomedicine. Prof. Y. Gogotsi is the co-author of two books, editor for several books, has more than 100 publications in conference proceedings, and more than 800 articles in peer reviewed journals, credited on more than 80 European and US patents. He has received many awards and recognitions for his research accomplishments. Few of them are American Chemical Society (ACS) Award in the Chemistry of Materials, Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences, Energy Storage Materials Award (Elsevier), Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry and many more.

Prof. Shirley Meng

University of Chicago and Argonne, USA

Prof. Shirley Meng is a dynamic material scientist. Her research is focused on functional nano and micro-scale materials for energy storage and conversion. Also, the design, synthesis, processing, and operando characterization of energy storage materials in advanced rechargeable batteries; new intercalation materials for sodium ion batteries; and advanced flow batteries for grids large scale storage. Shirley is the author and co-author of more than 160 peer-reviewed journal articles, 1 book chapter and 6 patents. She is a recipient of several awards and recognitions; Fellow of the Materials Research Society, IBA2019 Research Award of International Battery Materials Association (IBA), Chancellor’s Associates Faculty Excellence Award for Excellence in Research in Science and Engineering, American Chemical Society ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Young Investigator Award 2018, International Coalition for Energy Storage and Innovation (ICESI) Inaugural Young Career Award.

Prof. Vilas Pol

Purdue University, USA

Professor Vilas Pol’s extensive research background includes colloid and interfacial science, electrochemical, materials, chemical, sustainable, and environmental engineering. His current passion lies in electrochemical energy storage technologies, primarily the scalable design and optimization of electrode materials, separator designs and electrolyte discovery for lithium-ion, potassium ion, sodium-ion, lithium-sulfur, low temperature, and solid-state batteries with thermal safety aspects. He has authored over 220 research articles in peer reviewed journals, co-inventor of 14 patents, and contributed in 2 book chapters. He has won various awards and recognitions; AIChE Excellence in Process (Microwave) Development Research Award (2021), Fellow -International Association of Advanced Materials, Sweden, Professional Achievement Award, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Chemical Society presents Salute to Excellence award.

Prof Shinichi Komaba

Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Prof. Shinichi Komaba is well known for his excellent work in the field of rechargeable batteries. His current research focuses on material science and electrochemistry in rechargeable Lithium-, Sodium-, and Potassium-ion batteries, capacitors, sensors, and bio-fuel cells. He has authored over 300 research articles in peer reviewed journals and listed as co-inventor of more than 100 patents. He has received several awards and recognitions; German Innovation Award, Gottfried Wagner Prize, JSPS Prize, RESONATE AWARD.

Dr. Jenny Baker

Swansea University, UK

Dr Jenny Baker is a Senior Technology Transfer Fellow at SPECIFIC, led by the College of Engineering, Swansea University. Her research interest includes sustainable materials processing for solid state electronic devices for energy applications and techno-economic and life cycle assessment of energy generation and storage technologies for non-mobile applications. Dr Baker’s research will take advantage of advances in one field of solid-state printed photovoltaics and apply them to the field of electro-chemical storage. She has published over 40 research articles in peer reviewed journals. She was the winner of Swansea University’s Research and Innovation award for ‘Early Career Rising Star of 2020.

Prof. S. Sampath

IISc, Bangalore, India

The main focus of Prof. S. Sampath’s research is to understand interfacial properties involving novel materials and modified surfaces. Our present attention is focused on the following classes of materials. We use a combination of spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and microscopy techniques. Coupled in-situ techniques based on electrochemical FTIR, Raman electrochemistry are routinely used to understand various aspects. His research interest also includes study and application of transition metal nitrides, carbides and dichalcogenides, organic thin films, Exfoliated graphite, graphene oxide and graphene, Nanostructured materials, Deep Eutectics- Molten electrolytes, Organic electrode materials etc. He has contributed to 6 book chapters, co-invented 6 patents and published over 200 research articles in peer reviewed journals. He is a recipient of CNR RAO AWARD FOR NANOSCIENCE (2018).

Dr. N. Kalaiselvi

Director, CECRI, Karaikudi, India

Dr. Kalaiselvi’s research work is primarily focused on electrochemical power systems and in particular, development of electrode materials, custom designed synthesis methods, optimization of reaction parameters and electrochemical evaluation of in-house prepared electrode materials for their suitability in energy storage device assembly. Her research interests include lithium and beyond lithium batteries, supercapacitors and waste-to-wealth driven electrodes and electrolytes for energy storage and electrocatalytic applications. Dr. Kalaiselvi has more than 125 research papers and 6 patents to her credit. She is a recipient of many prestigious awards including MRSI medal, CSIR Raman Research Fellowship, INSA-NRF Exchange award, Brain Pool Fellowship of Korea and the Most Inspiring Women Scientist award.

Prof. Vijayamohanan Pillai

IISER, Tirupati, India

Dr. Vijayamohanan K Pillai is a leading Electrochemist from India. He has an extensive experience in materials electrochemistry, fuel cells, investigating new catalyst materials, membranes, optimisation of electrode structures and test procedures for several fuel cell types, batteries and ultracapacitors. He has authored over 280 publications and 20 patents related to many innovations in both Electrochemistry and Materials Chemistry. He has received many honours and awards like the MRSI Medal, Materials Research Society of India, Bangalore, 1996, Chemical Research Society of India, (CRSI) Bronze Medal, in 2004.

Dr. Tata Narasinga Rao

ARCI, Hyderabad, India

Dr. Rao is a Lead Scientist for development of technology for production of Lithium-ion battery materials and demonstration at industrial scale for electric vehicle (EV) applications (national electric mobility mission) and in technology demonstration and commercialization of nanotechnology in textile and water fields (Nanotechnology mission). He has authored over 170 research articles in peer reviewed journals, 7 book chapters and 14 patents. He has won many awards like Bangalore India Nano Innovation Award-2018, Technology Day National Award-2016.

Prof. Sagar Mitra

IIT, Bombay, India

Prof. Sagar Mitra is a leading scientist in the field of energy storage. His research interest are electrode materials, electrolyte, fabrication of Lithium-ion Battery and Sodium-ion batteries, Metal Sulphur Batteries for large scale storage, Solid-State Batteries, Hybrid Ionic electrolyte, Commercial scale battery research. He has published over 100 research articles from peer viewed journals, 3 book chapters, listed as co-inventor of 9 patents.

Dr. Sandip Chatterjee

Meity, Delhi, India

Dr. Sandip Chatterjee is a leading global policymaker and experienced techno-administrator with over 25 years of experience in translating research outcomes into commercial viability and disruptive policymaking. Sandip has an avid interest in bridging the gap between R&D outcomes and needs of emerging businesses and local industries. Currently, he is responsible for strategizing Indian R&D in materials, photonics, IoT sensors, additive manufacturing, and their successful commercialization. He has established 12+ Centres of Excellence in emerging technologies like quantum materials, graphene, 2D materials, rechargeable batteries, and 3D printing pan-India. He is a global expert on electronic waste, circular economy, and resource efficiency, with over 50 research and review publications and an extensive public speaking experience of over 700 engagements.

Dr. Ramendra Sundar Dey

INST, Mohali, India

Dr. Ramendra Sundar Dey is a Scientist at Institute of Nano Science and Technology, Mohali, India. Over past 6 years he is involved in research in the field of electroanalytical chemistry in nanotechnology. His current research is focused on the architecture and engineering of nanomaterials for advanced energy storage technology and non-novel metal catalyst for hybrid energy systems. Dr. Dey has published more than 25 research articles, several books and chapters and filed one patent. He has been honored with number of prestigious National and International awards like Journal of Materials Chemistry A Emerging Investigator under the theme highlighting 2019’s rising stars of materials by RSC, Associate of Indian Academic of Science, Bengaluru.

Dr. Aravindan Vanchiappan

IISER, Tirupati, India

Dr. Aravindan Vanchiappan is a passionate scientist, and his research interests are focused on synthesis of nanostructured materials for energy storage, carbon nanostructures, re-cycling of bio-waste materials, Materials for Li-ion batteries and beyond, Supercapacitors, and Hybrid supercapacitors. He has published over 200 research articles in peer reviewed journals. He has won various awards and recognitions such as MRSI Materials Science Annual Prize, Swarnajayanti Fellowship, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), MRSI Medal 2020, Ramanujan fellowship.

Dr. Abhik Banerjee

TCG-CREST-RISE, Kolkata, India

Dr. Abhik Banerjee is a dynamic research scientist at Research Institute of Sustainable Energy (RISE) under TCG CREST. He is currently working on underlying causes that are currently hindering solid state battery, Silicon and Li metal anode, providing practical approaches towards enabling safety, higher energy density and fast charging batteries. Dr. Banerjee has more than 10 years of experience in the design, novel chemical synthesis, characterization, and structure-property-performance relationships of a variety of materials, especially materials for solid state electrochemical energy storage. His contributions are attested by 30 articles in archival journals and 5 patents.

Dr. Alexander Gitis

Safion Gmbh, Germany

Dr. Alexander Gitis is a CEO of Safion GmbH. He received his Ph.D. from RWTH Aachen University in the field of lithium-ion batteries. Subsequently, he worked as a coordinator at the DFG Research Training Group MobilEM. Since 2019, he has been leading SAFION as managing director. Dr. Gitis is an expert in the diagnosis of lithium-ion batteries.

Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar

Dr. Mashelkar is only the third Indian engineer to have been elected (1998) as Fellow of Royal Society (FRS), London in the twentieth century. He was elected Foreign Associate of US National Academy of Science (2005) and also National Academy of Engineering (2003), Associate Foreign Member, American Academy of Arts & Sciences (2011), Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, U.K. (1996), Foreign Fellow of Australian Technological Science and Engineering Academy (2008), Corresponding Member of Australian Academy of Sciences (2017), Fellow of World Academy of Arts & Science, USA (2000), Fellow of US National Academy of Inventors (2017), the first ever Indian from India to be elected and TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize (2018), which is the highest science award of The World Academy of Science.

In 2006, he received the ‘Star of Asia’ Award at the hands of former President of USA, George Bush (Sr). The President of India honoured Dr. Mashelkar with three of the highest civilian awards, namely Padmashri (1991), Padmabhushan (2000) and Padma Vibhushan (2014).

Prof. Satishchandra Ogale

Prof. Satishchandra B. Ogale has had a long 40 years of experience in higher education and research.  He has over 500 publications in international journals, three co-edited books with Springer, Wiley and Elsevier, and 10 granted US patents based on research done in India. 
He is a Reviewer as well as Advisory Board member of many high impact International Journals and is also a popular science writer in regional language marathi.
He has won many Awards, Prizes, and National and International recognitions. He has given numerous invited, plenary and keynote talks in National and International conferences and has supervised over 65 Ph.D. students. 
Prof. Ogale has been a Visiting Professor/ Scientist in many institutions in the USA and Europe on several occasions.

Anupama Engineer

She has previously worked as a Scientist at Agharkar research Institute and at higher management level at Thomas Baker Bioscience Private Limited. She has also taught graduate and post graduate students in Biotechnology & Microbiology during her tenure as a lecturer in Royal College, Mumbai and as a Counselor for IGNOU Biotechnology course. Anupama, is a multitasker with few roles like, entrepreneur, Scientist, manager, a doting mother and many more. Teaching and educating is her passion and she takes every effort to encourage fundamental learning. Anupama holds a vast experience in Start-up processes.

Dr Smita Chaturvedi
Smita is an experimental condensed matter physicist. The quest for multifunctional materials motivates her. Smita finished her PhD from RDVV Jabalpur and BARC Mumbai in the year 2002 and worked as a research associate in IIT Mumbai and Oakland University, Michigan. Smita was awarded as a Fulbright Nehru Academic and Professional excellence fellow in 2018-19. Smita holds more than a decade of research and teaching experience. She possesses good knowledge about education system and research opportunities in India as well as abroad. Music and gardening are her mindful meditations.
Dr. Priyadarshini Karve
Dr Priyadarshini Karve has worked in the areas of household energy, decentralised waste-to-fuel technologies, climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable and climate-ready urbanisation, etc. She runs her own social green enterprise Samuchit Enviro Tech in Pune, focused on enabling access to sustainable products and services. She is also a co-founder of OrjaBox, a startup promoting solar thermal technologies. Dr Karve is a Founder Member of Clean Energy Access Network (CLEAN - a multi-state society of decentralised renewable energy practitioners and entrepreneurs) and Cleaner Cooking Coalition (CCC - an international organisation focused on promoting user-centric cooking energy technologies that are good for health as well as climate). She is also the National Convener of Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC - focused on climate justice issues and working to bring people's voices in policy choices). Her work has been recognised by several national and international awards and honours.
Sanjay Khare
Sanjay Khare ,after his graduation in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, in 1986 has been associated with major Japanese & European Automotive OEMs in Indian Subcontinent for 35 years . Widely travelled across Europe & Asia , he has held positions across diverse functions of Automotive Corporations.
In his current role as Board Member and Vice President at Skoda Auto Volkswagen India , he is Chief Sustainability Catalyst to guide actions at Skoda Auto Volkswagen India along with the sister brands Audi, Porsche & Lamborghini.
He leads an active Climate Resilience program where the automotive major in India has already achieved Zero Waste to Landfill, Water Positive & Zero liquid Discharge Certification, Zero Accidents , targeting an 18.5 MW of installed Roof Top Solar plant at a single Automotive site in India in 2021 and fully Carbon Neutral Production by 2025.
Sanjay has done his Executive MBA from Management development Institute ,Gurgaon specialising in Strategy & Marketing . He has active interests in driving Cultural Change, Competency building , Human Motivation topics while adopting/ innovating the technological advancements and total quality revolution.He is also a Qualified Independent Director registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India. An active speaker on Automotive & Sustainability topics on National & International forums.
In personal life, he is an Endurance Cyclist having participated in many adventure ride expeditions . He also spends his time in developing mastery on Indian Classical Music instrument Sitar.